Whether it's to soothe muscles, increase circulation or reduce stress, spa bathers have benefited from the natural healing properties of hydrotherapy for centuries. Sanijet's revolutionary technology delivers state-of-the-art hydromassage with the combined benefits of bath salts, essential oils and other additives – modern spa treatments designed to enhance emotional and physical well being.

Developed by hydromassage experts, our jets are calibrated to deliver optimal water flow to provide hydrotherapy deep into muscles without damaging the surrounding tissue. And, unlike traditional whirlpools with hidden pipes and air channels, our jets are easy to clean, making them ideal for treatments that include bath additives.

back, mid and foot

Massage Modes

Preprogrammed massages, designed by hydromassage experts, deliver maximum benefit at the touch of a button.


Designed to destress key muscle groups, this massage delivers pulsating water to each body location — back, mid-body and feet – in sequence, for soothing,  gentle relaxation.


Provides soothing stimulation to your entire body, creating water pulses in patterns of almost limitless variation.


Renews and invigorates tired muscles; water flow transitions from a low setting to patterns of more intense water flow, then back again.


Revives sore and tired muscles with pulsating jets of water targeted to the area of the body you choose.


Creates the ideal hydromassage experience for your unique needs, then saves it for future use.